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The human body has many wonderful systems which covers every function we need to live, enjoy life and create offspring. Every system has a nutritional need and other needs such as oxygen and blood. We have many websites which cover all the aspects of health coming from 20 years of study. Each of our websites centre on the honest understanding of that subject. The information is always presented as study information and that is always supplied free of charge. Most of our websites are delivering free information about diseases and the natural way to reverse them. There is in fact a natural way to reverse every disease. We do know this already but have not had all the time and resources to detail all the methods yet although we expect to have found natural methods to eliminate every disease by the end of 2014. The knowledge is already there and our research team has to collate all the information and check it. To reverse any ailment all that is needed is the determination of the sufferer to accomplish this result and the right collection of information to make it happen. Again all our information is classified as study information. So once you are on the right track you can seek additional articles and research results to add to the clarification. Your body then heals itself technically but the information and effort applied is critical to success.

So this website has an important role central to the information supplied in all the other websites of ours and those from a myriad of alternative therapists offering honest and functional programs to eliminate disease. There are of course thousands of dud sites as well where you will spend money and achieve nothing. So the role here is to provide a non profit stability to the industry whereby the afflicted can find a method of cure, find the supplements and the practitioners relatively easily and get on with the job without being sidetracked constantly by misleading ads.
The only paid services we offer are membership channels for sufferers of most ailments which provide a mentoring and study guidance direction. The membership channels attached to this website are not for specific ailments but for lighting the path to good healthgenerally. Based on the average health food stores inventory, the student can study which products will serve to improve health generally and specific to their particular health problems.

While some ads will be specific but clear and honest, The general product descriptions are not brand named so that the healthfood store people can provide this important information applicable to supplies available in their areas. These people are highly trained and in many cases qualified naturopaths in their own right. The next page will cover in detail the role of supplements in healing and the following one the detailed role of the health food store. For now it is sufficient to mention that the supplements generally are collectively about 20% to 30% of the average healing program. The role of the health food store is to carry reliable quality supplies of the supplements and provide more detailed information on their use than commercial leaflets and supermarkets.

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